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World unites in anger at new Houthi missile attack on Saudi Arabia

RIYADH, 27 Mar 2018 [Fik/News Sources]: World leaders joined a chorus of anger and condemnation on Monday after Houthi militias in Yemen launched a barrage of Iranian-supplied ballistic missiles at civilian areas of four cities in Saudi Arabia.  Three of the seven rockets fired on Sunday night targeted Riyadh, two were aimed at Jazan, and the others were launched toward Khamis Mushayt and Najran. Saudi air defenses intercepted all seven. An Egyptian civilian worker was killed by falling debris, and two others were injured. The Saudi-led coalition supporting Yemen’s internationally recognized government said the attacks all targeted populated areas. In Riyadh on Monday, the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen displayed wreckage from the missiles, which analysis indicated were supplied by Iran. The coalition “reserves the right


Yemeni parties demand UAE withdrawal from Socotra

SANA’A, 09 May 2018 [Fik/News Sources]: Political parties in Yemen called on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Tuesday to withdraw “immediately” from Socotra, an island located off Yemen’s southeastern coast. Several political parties -- including the General People’s Congress, the Reform Party, the Peaceful Southern Movement, and five other parties – issued the joint statement. In the statement, the parties urged the UAE to withdraw “immediately” from the island, adding that it took a step that is unilateral and conflicting with Arab coalition goals according to international norms and laws. It also called on Saudi Arabia, which leads the coalition aimed at rolling back rebel Houthi gains in Yemen, to “increase communication to put pressure on the UAE to withdraw from the


Palestinians exit Gaza, via Egypt, for treatment abroad

GAZA, 26 May 2018 [Fik/News Sources]: At least 33 injured Palestinians have left the Gaza Strip to receive medical treatment abroad since Egypt opened its Gaza border last week, Hamas, which has remained in de facto control of the strip since 2007, said Friday. “So far, only 33 of the roughly 13,000 people injured in the demonstrations have been able to leave the strip for treatment overseas,” Hamas said in a statement. “Jordan took in 30 of the injured, while Egypt absorbed the remaining three,” the statement added. According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, more than 13,000 Palestinians have been injured by Israeli army gunfire -- and 120 killed -- since they began holding peaceful rallies near the Gaza-Israel security fence two months ago. Last week, Egypt announced it would open the Rafah border

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