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Madrasa will Teach Nationalism, Not Terrorism, Says UP Minister

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New Delhi, 03 April 2022 [Fik/News Sources]: Uttar Pradesh’s Minority Affairs Minister Dharampal Singh has raked up a controversy saying that madrasa will teach nationalism, not terrorism.

“The education in madrasas will be given according to the new National Education Policy. Nationalism will be taught to students in madrasas of the state. There will be no talks of terrorists,” Singh was quoted by PTI as saying on Saturday.

The minister made the controversial remarks while addressing a press meet at Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) in Bareilly. The minister had won the last assembly elections from the Aonla seat in Bareilly.

Singh, who also holds the portfolio of UP’s Animal Husbandry Department, said the government will also build a cow shelter in each of the municipalities across the state to protect cows.

The minority affairs minister also claimed the Yogi Adityanath government will reclaim all illegally grabbed waqf land and properties and utilise them for the welfare of minorities.

“The properties of waqf worth crores of rupees which have been encroached will be cleared using bulldozers. The reclaimed land will then be used for minority welfare,” he said.

Singh also said the state government will work to secure cows.

He said an order in consultation with Chief Minister Adityhanath will be sent to all districts to identify encroached government land, which, he said, would be cleared and used to grow fodder for cows.

“A major cow shelter will be made in every municipality of the state. The cows in the shelter will not be allowed to roam free. Cows of superior breeds with high milk yield will also be kept in cow shelters,” Singh said.

Items of daily use would be made using milk and cow dung and urine and would be sold in markets, he said, adding the money will be used to run cow shelters.

Answering a question on the damage to crops by stray cattle, Singh also blamed farmers for abandoning cows and buffaloes after they stop giving milk and said the problem will be solved by keeping all stray cattle in cow shelters.

Talking about his assembly constituency Aonla, the minister said a report has been sent to the state government to make Aonla a new district.

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