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Karwar: After protests, body of COVID-19 patient cremated near National Highway 66

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Karwar, 08 July 2020 [News Sources: varthabharati]: The body of a Corona victim was allegedly cremated on the roadside in an unscientific manner, after local residents opposed to cremation in town.

The victim, who was a native of Sirsi in the district, died at the Karwar Institute of Medical Science in the city on Monday. When the local residents complained to the officials, strongly opposing the cremation of a Corona victim at the Karwar crematorium, the officials in-charge of more than six crematoriums offered to let the family use their space late at night. Since they too had to face the people's opposition, the plan to conduct the last rites of the victim at a crematorium was dropped.

As a last resort, the officers concerned cremated the body near a quarry a little away from the national highway in Sankrubhaga in the taluk at around 3:15 am.

The body however, did not get cremated completely, and street dogs and crows were drawn to it, complained citizens. Also, a lorry-full of mud was poured over the body as the complaints intensified.

The officers have insisted that they have followed the government guidelines for cremation of a Corona victim.

The protests of the people have spread in the region, with citizens coming to the crematoriums of their respective villages even at midnight and creating nuisance in protest against the cremation of Corona victims.

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