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Padubidri: Another persistent traffic jam along the NH

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Padubidri, 14 Oct 2019 [Fik/News Sources]: Traffic along NH 66 at Yermal Kalsanka region came to a standstill due to another persistent traffic jam which lasted for hours together on Sunday afternoon.

Since it was a Sunday and there were more weddings than usual, it presumably gave rise to the traffic jam. Since the traffic took house together to proceed at the speed of a snail, travelers moving towards the airport, railway station faced much of trouble.

There is no overpass or underpass at Padubidri. Besides, the vehicles are compelled to proceed amidst unfinished road works and instead of moving methodically, vehicle users revert to the baser instincts of I’ll reach first through haphazard driving skills. A combination of all these reasons has led to the persistent traffic jam. The failure of police to appoint a permanent staff to manage the traffic here and the late arrival of the cops during a traffic jam, has only exacerbated the problem, say locals.

If the police arrive in good time and start booking cases against drivers violating traffic rules, then the problem can be resolved. Due to the lack of police at the location, arguments break-out between vehicle users every now-and-then which causes even more problem, point out locals.

Meanwhile, the work on the new bridge at Padubidri Kalsanka area is progressing at the grand pace of a snail and hence, travelers along the Yermal region are compelled to face travel delays on a daily basis. Besides, the area is full of dust pollution, allege the villagers.

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