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Kumaraswamy asserts that he is not under pressure from Congress

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Bengaluru, 12 Jan 2019 [Fik/News Sources]: Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy Thursday rubbished media reports that he was working under pressure and alleged interference from coalition partner Congress, terming them "speculative" and imaginary".

Reiterating that the Congress-JD(S) coalition government would complete its five-year term amid repeated speculation about its longevity, he said "let there be no disbelief in this regard.

"What should I say about speculative news that has come in the media? They are imaginary it has been created," Kumaraswamy told reporters.

"It is said that I'm working and running this administration in a stifling atmosphere. It is a creation of of some sections of the media.

The discussions that took place in our legislature party meeting is different. I don't know how to react to such speculative news," he said.

According to reports, Kumaraswamy had told party legislators at a recent meeting that he was working under pressure.

He had reportedly told them that he was functioning like a clerk and accused the Congress of interference.

Expressing confidence that the coalition government would complete its five-year term"smoothly", Kumaraswamy said, "let there be no disbelief in this regard."

Reacting to media reports that the Committee on New Education Policy had, in its recommendations, suggested making Hindi compulsory till class VIII, he said "at the time we go for elections, any decision by the union government at this last stage will not have any value. That's my opinion."

Not wishing to make any comments about the proposed controversial steel flyover in Bengaluru,which he had objected to while in the opposition, Kumaraswamy said easing out the problems of the city's citizens was his "top priority".

The government had on January 1 decided to review and take up a multi-billion steel bridge project here, which it had scrapped owing to massive public protests in the city.

"For me, the steel bridge or any other kind of infrastructure work is not important. Easing out the problems of Bangaluru city citizens is my top priority," he added.

Earlier, Congress state campaign committee chief H K Patil had downplayed Kumaraswamy's reported comments about working under pressure and alleged interference from Congress, saying that any issue could be discussed with the party leadership and solved.

He had reiterated his party's stand that both alliance partners would face the Lok Sabha polls together and would even go in for joint campaigning, wherever necessary.

"I have seen media reports about Kumaraswamy's comments, but want to say that elected members may be putting pressure on the chief minister about development and constituency related works. He should not feel that we are putting pressure (on him)," Patil had told reporters.

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